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Language and activism: Quick update on my life

Posted on: 20/10/2009

I know I promised to finish the story on my summer hitchhiking trip. Yet, as soon as summer was over, occupations took over me (or me over them)…no, really, they took over me! 🙂 But the good thing is they have kept me nicely busy, though sometimes on the brink of insanity and desperation. I just wish days were longer.

So what’s happened lately?
I’ve continued with my old job: 5 groups of students (2 merged), 2 new, one of them is thirteen people and the other: young ones that are driving me nut. Anyway, I am loving my old students more, and enjoying the process of getting to know the new ones.
The task of learning while working is still hard, but I reckon that my masters has helped me too much! 🙂 It has kept me awake for long nights, specially weekend nights (funny not to be up on a Saturday night shaking it but, instead, rolling “the pip of the eye” (that’s a literal translation from Spanish!!!). I am almost finished with it…the hardest part starts just now: the thesis! But I know that what will come after it would be another goal achieved..so that keeps me going o. Though I also know the studying will go on forever…I need it to be better, and I enjoy it…honestly. No…really!
Well, besides my job and studies I’ve been trying to be as active as possible with IdealsMatter. Have a look at it. We started it about 7 months ago. The head behind most of it has been Luis, but we’ve been growing and now we can be call a team 🙂 I know at one point we’ll grow bigger! This Saturday (October 24) we are organizing/taking part in a Climate Flashmob. Check out the details here. My latest article on the website was on a naked issue, so click <–there if you want to know more about it. Now, as I am trying to have a balanced life I decided to take the technical skills I got from working with IdealsMatter on websites and apply them to my work…yes…again, I love working. And the result is my professional website, which I am developing inseparably with my students. It works as some kind of journal on their learning process and my professional development and also as a list of recommended resources to which my students can refer to whiler learning out of the classroom. They also publish there some of the stuff we do in the classes, like the night of Mexican tacos. The picture above is me with them on that night…

Finally, to add to the intention of having a balanced life, I decided that doing workout is not an option. I hadn’t done any in months and the results were: me getting fat and, the most!… I was feeling fat…I’m still feeling fat. I mean: going up hill, even a small one, is a hard task for me now. And back pain and others are constantly appearing, so I decided that as the gym takes too much time to go, come and whatever, and the Estonian weather is not my favorite kind in which to jog, I decided to try something new at home: yoga 🙂

Lesson number 2 took place today, which was the same as the first, just repeated 😀 Let’s see if I don’t get an ankle twisted on the process 😉 Updates on that will also come in a few weeks…
And to prove that I’ve been also having fun the conventional way, here you go:


4 comentarios to "Language and activism: Quick update on my life"

Have you learned Esperanto, by any chance?

Not really…I have had a look at it, but not study it.

Wow, you have been very busy!! Ideals Matter looks very interesting – is it just based in Estonia? How was the Climate Flashmob?

oye, escribo en respuesta al comentario que hiciste hace tiempo sobre un post de facundo cabral (www.loquencuentro.blogspot.com). en efecto, la transcripcion es mia, y te agradesco las correcciones (y luego la auto-correccion que te hechaste). casi nunca vuelto a revisar mis posts y por eso respondo hasta ahora.veo que no has escrito en un buen rato aqui. espero que sigas de viaje, o que ya hayas llegado a donde querias.saludos. Txus.


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