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Hitchhiking, summer 09 (part 2)

Posted on: 14/08/2009

On Monday 15th Jun 09, at 9:00 a.m. we were ready to hit the road. The key was to find the right spot from which to start hitchhiking and that took about…hm…three hours 🙂 It involved leaving the train station, returning to it after being for an hour at a gas station where it didn’t work, take an S-bahn to Harburg, create a sign with the words “Fahren Sie nach Bremen?” and trash it as that didn’t work either. Little by little we walked up until a spot towards the 75th where a kind soul pitied us and gave us a ride of something like 1000 mt. That was when the real show started. Around 12:30 p.m. Roda, a nice German girl, and our second official ride, took us to a gas station in the middle of the highway E22.
Roda and me 


It was 6:00 p.m. and we recharged some batteries buying some chocolate at the

station. Headed to the exit of the parking place and started taking out the thumb again. After some scary minutes where there were no cars passing by often, and the ones passing where at some 200 Km/hr a nice German couple stopped. They were Ulrich and Ingeborg, a nice retired couple that were traveling around for pleasure. Some nice chatting told us they were theologians and that the lady had travel around Netherlands hitchhiking in her youth times 🙂 they dropped us at a spot that was 162 Km from our destiny and that’s where Frank, a former truck driver, and now a mechanic working at Het Motorhuis Langezwaag, picked us. He told us about his love for languages and his experience learning Spanish. And another gas station and here comes our 6th ride, Leo, another mechanic born in Amsterdam, but living somewhere else in peace 🙂 He had also hitchhiked when younger from the Netherlands to Slovakia.


Luis, Ulrich and Ingeborg

Frank and me
Leo and me


We were tired and there’s no place we could go to for sleeping, yet. We started wandering around the center and ended up -we swear! It was not intentional!- in the red light district. There we found an Internet café. It was strange and amusing to be sitting in the middle of a bunch of drunk guys, with some girls doing their job outside, and trying to study! 😀 In our couchsurfing account we found, for our relieve, that Laura, another couchsurfer, had replied to our last minute application for a couch. She had been living in Amsterdam for a couple of months, being originally German. She thought a country with people like the Netherlands would suit her better, so we did 🙂 She lived in the northern part of the city, and we had to take a boat to get there. It was a curious place with containers that serve as as student apartments, with all and little windows, electricity and more 🙂 At Laura’s place we were introduced to the vruchtenhagel, some fruit sprinkles used on the toast in the morning, combined with butter, nutella or honey. Sweet as hell, but tasty! Wonderful to start the day.

The vruchtenhagel

After the first night we spent a couple more nights in the nice place of Nancy and Hill, a Colombian and a Dutch also part of the cool couchsurfing members. We had a nice chatting over a couple Heineken worth having in their hometown 🙂

We do think of going back to this city, because we are sure there must be more on it that is not so dirty and corrupted 🙂 So if you have any tips, we’ll be happy to know. I reached Ann Frank house when it was already closed and that’s something I’d like to see. Van Gogh museum and the Royal one is two in the list for future visits to the city.

Next post: on the road to Rotterdam, a new refreshment after all the old architecture!



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