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Hitchhiking, summer 09 (part 1)

Posted on: 11/08/2009

Finally, here comes the (brief when possible) story of our summer trip 2009. Luis and I planned it for a while, and I had wished to do it since I was like 15. The idea was basically to hitchhike around some areas in Western Europe, couchsurf and also visit some friends and family that are spread around the area. Our itinerary was (by plane) Tallinn-Riga-Hamburg then (by car/train/foot) Hamburg-Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Gent-Brussels-Heidelberg-Munich and (again by plane) Munich-Riga-Tallinn.

And so we did! It was a short (as it felt when it had ended) 3-week holiday which left a great experience and above all a number of people we’ll probably see only that one time in life but from whom we took a lot of positive energy (I know I sound like a flower-powerer!) and (hopefully) to whom we left something, anything! too.

So the story begun on the 13th of June at 4:43 a.m. when there were just 37 minutes left for our plane to take off and we PANIC!!!!!!!!!!! It was the longest half an hour of our lives in which we had to get ready, get the luggage, find another taxi (as the other one that went to pick us up had left) and above all, not miss the plane!! Thank to all Almighty things in the universe Tallinn airport is so small and we are lucky because we made it!

In Hamburg: At home Ben, an AIESEC friend, was expecting us. We spent three days enjoying the views of the city and the company of Ben and his roommates who cooked a delicious vegetarian dinner for us and the rest. Besides this great company, the best of Hamburg was the feeling of fresh air everywhere, strange for a big city. We were told there are two trees per inhabitant in the city, and you can really feel it 🙂 Other nice things in the city: people coming and going in bicycles (not cool: the old bikes abandoned everywhere), walking in the Alster-park and also the Stadt park, where latinos were showing off with their expertise in loud music and big gatherings. Looking at the guys from the apartment taking a big plastic bag full of bottles to the supermarket to recycle (= get back some money) was fabulous. We also made a short stop in Kaiserkeller where The Beatles and other famous artist have/had played, though they were not mentioned in the long list. Yet they had their own Beatles-Platz where we could see them playing and also some German ladies enjoying life with beers and sausages. On Monday 15th we said goodbye to Ben, to Hamburg and head off to Amsterdam. It was officially our first day hitchhiking.

I will tell about this on the next post.



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