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Neither hearts nor hands on the sidewalk :(

Posted on: 20/03/2009

There are strange things that can make you miss…

In the corner opposite to mine there’s been something under construction for a while. Since I live here I hadn’t walked on that side of the street because there was no sidewalk or it was covered with the fence of the construction area. A few days ago they reduced the limits of the fence and a sidewalk appeared. You could see it was new because of the light color of the cement. Luis noticed it while walking with me back home, so we decided to use it. It was nice, as nice as every little thing that changes your routine without causing damage to your life, and even new sidewalks can do that 🙂 So, from the very first step I took on it unconsciously I started looking for a heart on it drawn with a stick by a girl or a boy saying his/her name inside it together with somebody else’s name from the opposite sex united to his/her by an ampersand. As I was walking and not noticing hearts then I started looking for little hands that the same girl or boy had decided to put on the cement while it was still humid….there were no hands either….that’s when it came to my mind that probably it happened only in Venezuela or even just in my beloved hometown Barquisimeto that the children or young go running to the fresh cement of a just-inished sidewalk to draw a memory or feeling that later millions of people will step on…

There are strange things that can make you miss and remember.



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