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Missing food from back home

Posted on: 07/08/2008

One of the things I’m pretty sure us expats miss the most when we’re not home is food! Food from our country turns out to be the best when we’re not there! There’s nothing comparable to it! We have the best dishes no one could ever try…And those made by mom or grandma?! No words for that!
Everyday when you are about to have a bite you star dreaming of all the favorite food you had back home, and that means: everything! Because somehow you end up loving everything you used to have!
So far I’ve dreamed of a pepito in La calle del hambre in Barquisimeto after a party or a movie in Las Trinitarias shopping center, a huge arepa in a stop at a gas station while traveling by bus to Caracas or one in L’areperie (funny name!) in Churum Meru shopping center, a huge Home Run Hamburger in Dog & Ball in the same shopping center, a piece of pan de jamón in December with hallacas! Home cake made by mom! And the list goes on and on…
I have tried hard to learn to do some of this thing myself, but it hasn’t been an easy job, first because is really hard to find the ingredients such as Harina P.A.N. (below), and second because I wasn’t born to be a cook 😦
And even if I was a good cook and could find the stuff I need, I believe there’s a unique taste these things have when you try them made by the hands that used to made them for you every morning before going to school! Eating them in that specific place with friends is just another thing! There’s no ingredient for that!
The sad thing is that even if I go back I actually will not be able to try them all, as I’ve decided to give them up by becoming a vegetarian. But no one will stop me from eating an arepa full of cheese and butter every single day while being there on holiday!
Anyway, my attempt to cook and eat (because sometimes this is not possible after cooking!) all these stuff here in the Baltic will go on! And I leave you with the prove of the last one (this morning I made arepitas dulces following grandam’s recipe 😉
Guys, tell me they don’t look pretty much the same 😉


2 comentarios to "Missing food from back home"

Hey! I remember when Luis was trying to cook arepas in Tartu… He didn’t even let me try, because the Harina wasn’t good enough :pAnyway, picture looks good and tasty!Keep on cooking, I believe that soon Luis will be asking you to cook for him your delicius arepa recipy!Saludos!

Daniel! He’s asked for it many many times. Last times was to minutes ago: he discovered a few days ago how to cook arepa andina (a kind of arepa from Los Andes venezolanos made with wheat flour) and as all the ingredients are easily found everywhere, he wants to eat them all the time! Anyway! Will try to organize another arepa night! This time with different varieties of it! And you are invited!


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