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Scheffy: a new baby :)

Posted on: 05/08/2008

Hey everyone! Let me introduce you to my third baby plant! This one, unlike her brothers (Ficu from Venezuela, and Coni from Poland) will live at home with her “parents”. It might sound weird, but there’s no other way out because she’s a tropical plant which means she’ll probably won’t survive Estonian winter.
We’ve named her Scheffy following the same rule as with the other two: after her scientific name Schefflera. From the pictures I’ve seen, I believe ours is a Schefflera trinette but there are others: Amate, Diana, Dwarf, Gold Capella, Umbrella Tree. 

She’ll be a challenge because we’ve never taken care of a plant. But this will prove how good/bad gardeners/”parents” we can be!
If any of you has one or wants to know a bit more about the plant and its care, here goes a short list of tips:
  • It is a tropical plant native to Malaysia.
  • Needs to be watered around once a week. Depending on the environment in which it is. A sign that’ll let you know when to is the soil dry.
  • Needs sunlight but don’t keep it facing the sun directly (worse through windows!). And if there’s no sun, a lamp might do good (there are some special ones, but I still don’t know much about them, I’ll use regular light meanwhile).
  • Needs humid air. You can put some stones with water close to it so the water evaporates to the leaves.
Let’s see if this works for us! She just got home and we’ll start taking care of her just now. Below is a picture so you can see her!
Update (January, 2011): Scheffy died a while ago already. When we moved to a new apartment, seems the cold she had to bare while being moved from one place to another, killed her. It was autumn 2008. She didn’t last too long :S


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