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How lucky are we

Posted on: 04/08/2008

While reading the news I found an article with one of this subjects that make you become loss in your thoughts. There are things in life we do and enjoy (or suffer) everyday without going into depth about them. This is obvious, as most of us, at least consciously, prefer to live a simple life.

The thing is I was reading this news about an Afghan athlete: Mehboba Ahdyar to find that she had suddenly gone missing from Italy, where she was training before the Olympics and it was said later that she was on her way to Norway looking for asylum.

This girl, only 19, had the courage to go after her dream of running in the Olympics, despite the risks of mistreatment, aggression or any other dangerous she runs (because of religious views, I believe).

And then I think of myself, who likes running, not in a professional way, just for fun, and I can do it whenever I want, wherever I want, without having to worry about more than the food I eat and the warming up before starting, not to injured myself or something.

And this girl suffering all this…just because she wants to run? Life is unfair to some of us. Unfortunately I feel I cannot do much for her. But I thought spreading the word to stir awareness on whoever reads this feels like something. And being thankful for the life we have is another reason for writing it.

Here’s a picture of the girl:



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