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Warsaw: the city of heaven

Posted on: 02/02/2008

I have discovered heaven in Warsaw and I realized that there’s heaven all around Europe. But what is heaven? A small place, that I can find almost anywhere with comfortable chairs or sofas and tables and with a combination of browns and beiges and coffee colors. Is Coffee Heaven, a coffee shop -but not the kind you find in Amsterdam 😛

A coffee shop not with the best coffee -the best I have to say are my mom’s and my grandma’s. And I miss those! Grown in Venezuelan and Colombian soils- but is good enough to sit in whichever point of the city you are at any time during the day (day without daylight) and read a book or a magazine or simply chat with some friends or to have an interview or a lesson. To meet with someone. To rest after walking after a long shopping weekend. Is heaven. With these big glass windows with positive and simple messages for life. That help you feel better in those days in which you miss someone or everyone: Smile

There’s one about coffee that I love. It says:
Oh, how sweet coffee tastes – Lovelier than a thousand kisses. Sweeter far than a moscatel wine.
That’s how I feel about coffee. And just when I have had to much of it in that same heaven I can feel pleasure with a fresh fruity drink that can do as well as coffee. An strawberry x-treme froothie or a fresh orange juice…uh I also love those. I can taste them while I write this.
I love sitting there at any time of the day to rest, to think, to write. And I know there are far better places, but that’s the one I love 🙂 Is heaven…



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