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Tłusty czwartek

Posted on: 31/01/2008

“Today is a very special day for Poland”…That’s what Kasia told me a few minutes ago. And as most of the celebrations in any country I thought it would be something related with independence, inventions, birth or death of a well-known Polish person or who knows what…
But actually what the title of this blog means is “Fat Thursday” and that’s an important day because: it is the last Thursday before Lent (the forty-day liturgical season of fasting and prayer before Easter). So people eat as many sweets as they can (and other kinds of food forbidden during Lent).
The most famous things to eat are Pączik (Donuts like in the picture above) and faworki which remind me of Venezuelan Churros but faworki are less sweet.
For my friends in Warsaw and for those who plan to come to visit I have to recomend a cukiernia (one of these places where they sale all these sweets) which is in Chmielna Street near the center of the city. I love having chocolate pączik there! They are the best. Actually I started eating them because I noticed that the place was always full of people (you have to queue to buy!) and I could feel the smell meters before getting there. I tried and now I can’t stop 😉 (below you can see the picture of the place…full as usual!) 



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