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It only happens in Poland…

Posted on: 11/01/2008

I’m home. I got back from work let’s say…fifteen minutes ago. I’m siting in front of my computer as always. Someone knocks on my door. I come from a country with high security problems so I first look through the peephole and I ask “who is it?”. I can’t see anyone and no one replies. Then I think “what the hell! I’m in Poland! Warsaw! Not Caracas!” So I open the door, look around and at the end of the corridor on the right there’s a catholic priest. He asks “Are you catholic?” and I reply “Hm…Well, no, not really” and then he says “OK. Have a nice day”. Turns his back and walks towards the old lady that leaves on the next apartment. I close the door (and lock it!) and start thinking…In Venezuela we are suppose to be Catholic…I mean, most of the population is Catholic but a priest has never knock on my door to…hmm…to….what did he want?
It’s amazing. Have I ever mentioned there are churches everywhere?
No wonder my Christmas was a religious experience! 🙂


2 comentarios to "It only happens in Poland…"

haha, Mary! do you know why he knocked on your door?:)After New Year Catholics (and in my region also Orthodox since we have them in plenty) receive their priests at home. They come to bless the house, pray a little with the family but most of all, talk and get to know his parish members. If you’re not very much into church stuff, this is actually the only opportunity to have a conversation with your priest, tell him whatever you feel like sharing (or just chat if you don’t feel like sharing at all:)). If you’re not into church stuff at all, you can also refuse to accept the vist, especially in cities like Warszawa where such a thing is not really a big deal.Normally priests announce in the end of a Sunday service which houses they r going to visit on which day during the following week. But of course how could you have known!:)Being in Jaipur, I forgot that now is the time for these visits! Thanks for the post, thanks for reminding me!:) When I was in the primary school, I remember those visits always made me anxious. Before the priest arrived, I was always wondering what he would ask me and if he liked my RE notebook:) (Religious education – we have classes of that in primary school, is it the same in Vzla?). hahaha, sweet memories:)have a nice day!

Hehehe!OK! Well, the guys gave me a similar explanation here…but not exactly the same ;)And well, as far as I remember, yes. We had those lessons. At least in my primary school that was Catholic. But honestly I did not like them. They used to produce a great feeling of fear in me….don’t ask me why. They just did :)Thanks for the explanation 😉


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